New Jersey Bartender Training

Bartending Schools in New Jersey

Bartending school refers to private education businesses that teach individuals the many intricacies of serving customers alcohol from behind a bar. This includes not only classes in such topics as drinks mixology: the intricacies of mixing drinks and drink presentation, and the alcohol laws of the city and state, or province, in which the school is situated.

In the United States, bartenders must pass a certification course for their particular state.[citation needed] There are many bartending schools in every state. Some offer only a few hours of instruction, others offer up to 40 hours. Courses that are at least 12 hours in length are certified by a state’s board of education or board of vocational or post-secondary education.

Students also learn how to run a bar including setup and cleanup. In addition, students learn the basics about glassware and bartender equipment, as well as brands of liquors and liqueurs, recipes for the most popular drinks (mixology), and drink presentation. They may also trained in customer service, up-selling to customers, and procedures in taking payment. Most schools also offer training in resume preparation, how to act at a job interview, and where they should start looking for employment.